SANATORIUM presents Clemens Wolf’s first solo exhibition in Turkey titled REMIX-Material Archeology between February 3 and March 25, 2023. The exhibition focuses on Wolf’s long-term research on material using oil paint, mirrors and parachutes. 

Clemens Wolf transforms the ephemeral moments that he tries to capture in his works into installations through different materials. Wolf brings his method, where he transfers thick layers of oil paint to canvas using industrial materials such as fences, to SANATORIUM in a site-specific approach in the exhibition REMIX-Material Archeology. The fence, a physical symbol of an urban barrier and demarcation, is a recurring motif in the artist’s works.

Wolf’s practice is characterised by constant interaction with and investigation of the medium. Taking a functional object and decontextualising it, the artist takes an approach that explores the temporal and aesthetic layers of the material. In this process, he blurs the boundaries of painting and sculpture by reinventing his art practice. He has been using parachute fabric, which is normally not associated with artistic production, in his works to present an abstraction beyond the visible. 

Wolf reveals the invisible side of the mirror in his latest works, and presents it as a key material. These works stand as a re-exploration of fence paintings with a different material, are an exercise in which the artist separates the layers in the mirror using sandblaster. Re-examining irreproducible moments with this method, Wolf reflects on the duality of the mirror and the reflection it creates by its very nature. 

REMIX-Material Archeology shows Clemens Wolf’s relationship with material in different forms through new works and a site-specific installation. Addressing the artist’s long-standing focus on transient moments, these works present a broad research on the relationship between surface, context and material.